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Enhance Your eLearning with  Sentinel|9

Sentinel | 9's offerings are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing frameworks, enriching your content library and driving efficiency across your organization.

Learning Platforms & Corporate Development 

Individual Learners &  Knowledge Seekers

Educational Institutions & Professional Associations

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Our Solution For:

  • Executive Business Courses: Tailored, SCORM-compatible content for executive growth.​

  • Streamlined Content Integration: Easy LMS integration, enhancing corporate training.

  • Flexible Learning: Mobile-first, anytime access for ongoing development.

  • Content Conversion & Digitalization: Upgrade corporate materials for digital engagement.

  • Innovative Content Creation: Develop unique content for specific corporate needs.

  • AI-Driven Learning Customization: Tailor experiences with AI, optimizing content effectiveness.

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Our Solution For:

  • Partnership Access: Partnership with exclusive access to premier online learning libraries and resources, expanding knowledge base.

  • Executive Education Resources: Access to high-quality courses for career advancement.

  • Self-Paced Learning: Flexible learning that balances theory and practice.

  • Content Optimization: AI-driven analysis for individualized content delivery.

  • Extensive Ancillary Materials: Extensive resources for deeper learning.

  • Innovative Content Creation: Develop your course ideas with Sentinel | 9 and share revenue. 

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Our Solution For:

  • SCORM (xAPI, cmi5 & AICC) Compatibility: Content meets LMS compliance for easy integration.

  • Streamlined Content Integration: Simplifies new course addition to curriculums.

  • Flexible Learning Modules: Adapts to in-class and remote learning needs.

  • Content Conversion & Digitalization: Assists  in updating curriculum materials, making them more engaging and accessible to students.

  • Innovative Content Creation: Collaborates on new, aligned educational content.

  • AI-Driven Curriculum Development: Enhances teaching strategies with AI insights.

Value Proposition

Sentinel9 Services Comparison Table

AI-Driven Course Development

We create new eLearning courses or convert your existing materials to online. Let us create new personnel training and development modules for your workforce or convert your internal  policies, procedure and training manuals using our proven methodology.

Our Process 

01. AI-Enabled Course Architecture: 

Our Course Architect utilizes AI to transform your course concept into an engaging reality, aligning content with your brand and audience through strategic methodologies.

04. Specialized


Expert preparation of graphics, characters, and courseware storyboards to visualize and guide the learning journey.

02. AI-Informed Pedagogical Strategy:

Our AI-driven Pedagogical Strategist designs your course structure to enhance learning outcomes, ensuring alignment with educational goals and pedagogical integrity.

05. Dedicated Production Process:

Production of the final e-learning modules adheres to SCORM & AICC standards, ensuring compatibility with learning management systems.

03. Curated Course Design Strategy:

We define instructional strategies, media selection, and delivery methods tailored to effectively communicate the course content across platforms.

06. Rigorous Quality Assurance:

A comprehensive quality check of the final product ensures adherence to educational excellence and technical standards before delivery.

Sample Courses


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