A Quick Glance at Our Exciting Educational Content

We can help you advance user learning with access to our dynamic content library,
which is suitable for online, blended and face-to-face delivery.

Sentinel 9 educational content is developed using a proven and reliable process to drive results.
We can produce quality, engaging content for your organisation.

Authorized Partner

Sentinel|9 learning content now available on Skillsoft, one of the world largest online course libraries for corporate and executive education.

Access the library of Leadership, Operations, HR, IT, and compliance material:


  • 120,000 pieces of content
  • 65,000 videos
  • 7,000 courses
  • 45,000 options

Subjects & Module Catalogue


  • University-level content that can be studied independently, at users’ own preferred pace and level
  • Continued professional development (CPD) and corporates training, using single short modules or full subjects
  • Micro-credential short courses with badge qualifications.


Advanced Learning Platform

The Sentinel | 9 Learning Management System (LMS) accommodates users with customised educational solutions to reinforce learning engagement

Process-Procedure Methodology

  • for producing educational content that allows accelerated creation in various disciplines, ensuring consistent, high-quality deliverables
  • can provide organisation’s access and training for in-house use.