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professional development and individual users

A Quick Glance at Our Exciting Content and Curriculum

We can help you advance student learning with access to our learning resources which is suitable for online, blended and face-to-face delivery.

Sentinel 9’s content and curriculum are developed using a proven and reliable process. We can produce quality, engaging content for your organisation

Sentinel | 9 Content Features

Sentinel | 9 offers a library of complete business subjects that can be adapted to meet your organisation’s needs. Our content is:

  • Modifiable – adapt the content to suit your organisation’s needs
  • Template-based – with accelerated course mapping and effortless application
  • TEL compliant (Technology Enhanced Learning) and based on Bloom’s Taxonomy guidelines
  • SCORM compliant (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) to integrate with existing LMS (Learning Management Systems) – either yours or STL9’s affiliate LMS
  • Administered at a fraction of traditional development costs and production time
  • White-labelled to feature your organisation’s branding
  • Flexible – offer modularised part-subjects, full subjects, a subject set or an entire course
  • Comprehensive – all subjects include lecture content, learning resources, case studies, textbooks, assignments, exams and marking guides.
  • Suitable for multiple delivery modes including online, blended, and/or face-to-face learning

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Sentinel | 9 Content Benefits

At Sentinel | 9, we understand the importance of quality education. We develop content and curriculum that meets the growing demands of the next generation of learners. Our education systems use cutting-edge technology to help you:

  • Fast-track implementation of online learning
  • Reduce content creation costs
  • Boost student productivity and engagement
  • Meet educational demands

Innovative Features

Sentinel | 9’s subject library includes:

  • 600 relevant lecture videos, 250 assessments and resources, and 1,500 pages of tailored learning material
  • Inter-subject linkages
  • Knowledge maps
  • Subject visualisations tools
  • Balanced theoretical and applied approach
  • Comprehensive study guide

Course Interface

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Subjects for a Range of Students

Sentinel | 9 offers subjects for students at all levels. With our education platform, we can offer tailored and custom-made courses developed to suit your training needs. We offer subjects for:

  • Senior secondary education
  • Undergraduate university education
  • Postgraduate university education
  • Professional associations
  • Individual users

Mobile Ready

Students’ learning has changed massively in recent years. Students want accessible content on the move. Sentinel | 9 content is accessible across multiple platforms, including:

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Mobile Friendly
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Worldwide Reach & Capacity

Sentinel | 9’s worldwide collaboration gives us the ability to reach students all over the world. Online learning enables students to enrol from any location.

Methodology & System

Sentinel | 9 offers ready-to-use subjects and a platform for creating tailored education. Sentinel | 9 has developed a range of codified processes for developing new online subjects or combined courses in any discipline. Our tailored courses include:

Comprehensive manual that incorporates:

  • Academic compilation
  • Ancillaries creation
  • Online production
  • Management controls

All-inclusive document library with:

  • Pre-developed, template-based documentation
  • 1,000+ supporting files

STL9 Methodology

Your online education provider

Sentinel | 9 can:

Compile subjects in various disciplines via our education methodology that ensures consistent, high-quality production


Provide institutions with access and training for the Sentinel | 9 system, enabling you to create your own highly engaging online content

Our Process

Connect & Understand

Sentinel | 9 begins by understanding what you hope to achieve through online education

Customise Content

Our team of academics and online production developers adapt our template-based material to suit your needs


Tailored SCORM-compliant files are provided for upload to an LMS – either yours or ours

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