All our courses are at a Master’s-Level Standard,
they are developed by a team of PHD’s, and it is devlivered
on our innovative platform, the CCT (Cognitive Course Technology)

Course Benefits


  • Learn business skills now
  • Apply industry knowledge quickly
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Work from home to improve your skill base
  • Improve your career or business

600+ Highly Engaging Video Tutorials

Apply What You Learn at Work Now!

Get Clear Understanding of Your Study Field

Learn at Home or on Your Phone

Fast-Track Your Business Skills

Learn from Practical Examples and Case Studies

When you sign up for The Applied Business Courses…

You say goodbye to:

  • The dread and uncertainty you used to feel every time a new course that doesn’t produce the results you hoped for
  • Years of “paying your dues”, trying to teach yourself by desperately consuming hundreds of blog posts and tutorials
  • Putting up with low fees (or a salary) because you don’t have the confidence you need in your skills to consistently improve results for your clients or business.

And you say hello to:

  • Creating applied business skills people love to learn because they can see how to relate these to their business
  • Confidently testing hypotheses that increase personal performance because you know how to run top-notch research that delves into your customers’ desires
  • Understand how each element of the each online course affects personal performance in business

Our Subjects

  • Applied Business Strategy
  • Applied Economics
  • Applied Marketing
  • Business Law
  • Organisational Behaviour, HR and Leadership
  • Applied Accounting
  • Applied Finance
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Operational Management – Resource & Workflow Layout
  • Operational Management – Process Mapping
  • Operational Management – ERP Metrics
  • International Business
  • Strategic Business Planning

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