Subject Content for Senior Secondary Education,
Undergraduate University Education and Postgraduate Coursework

Benefits to Your Institution

Sentinel | 9 offers efficient, cost-effective access to premium business subjects. Benefits include: 

Ready-to-implement academic material with pre-developed, template-based documentation (subject outline, subject timeline, assessment and study guide), removing the burden of creating foundation material
Customisable subjects that can be adapted to your institution’s requirements and delivered in combination with your preferred teaching mode
Comprehensive platform that removes the stress of course production, enabling you to focus on student management, assessment preferences and internal affairs
Content is suitable for multiple delivery modes including online, blended, and/or face-to-face learning
SCORM compliant (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) to integrate with existing LMS (Learning Management Systems) – either yours or ours
Ancillary documentation (assessment, exams and marking guides) either supplied by us or developed by you with our training and support
Capacity to accommodate new subject material in any discipline using the Sentinel | 9 proven methodology and digital platform

Library of Ready-to-Use Business Subjects

Modularised / Part Subjects

Single Subjects

Set of Subjects

Master of Applied Business Course

Selected sample of Sentinel | 9’s subjects:

Pricing Plan

Sentinel | 9 offers educational institutions a range of flexible payment options and service plans depending on individual requirements and institution needs.

Revenue Sharing

A post-enrolment revenue share based on the confirmed enrolment, per subject.


(No. of Confirmed Enrolments × No. of Subjects) × (Total Revenue Charged Per Subject × Sharing Percentage {study level})

Licensing Agreement

A prepaid licence based on a discounted fee, per projected enrolments, per subject.

(No. of Projected Enrolments × No. of Subjects) × Discounted Fee {study level}

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We will work with you to develop a pricing option that suits your institution’s needs. Payments must be confirmed with enrolment confirmation documentation at the beginning of each semester.

Ready-to-use Subjects

Lecture Videos and Animations
Assessments & Resources
Pages of Learning Material

Sentinel | 9 ’s ready-to-use business subjects encompass theory, industry know-how, practical case studies and examples of application to create the next generation of brilliant business minds. The content is presented in a dynamic, interesting format designed to suit students’ learning needs.

  • White-labelled to feature your institution’s branding
  • Content provided via our proprietary delivery platform, Coherent Course Technology (CCT), a mobile-first solution
  • SCORM compliant (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) to integrate with existing LMS (Learning management Systems) – either yours or ours
  • Modifiable to suit the needs of any educational institution
  • Compatible up to AQF 9 (Australian Qualifications Framework) standard
  • High-quality content developed by our academic team including lecture material, additional readings, case studies, textbooks, assignments and exams
  • Engaging, dynamic presentation to enhance student learning and interest with captivating presenters, graphic animation, infographics and graphic representations of material
  • Compliant with Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) and based on Bloom’s Taxonomy guidelines
  • Horizontal links to show related materials across the full course
  • Proprietary applied assignment environment for specific subjects
  • Accompanying book, Unified Theory of Business Strategy, enabling learners to transform their understanding of the business environment

Sentinel | 9 Masters of Applied Business (STL9-MAB)

*For Higher Education Clients

Sentinel | 9 offers higher education providers an opportunity to deliver our complete Masters of Applied Business (STL9-MAB) course. All Sentinel | 9 subjects are compliant to an Australian Qualifications Framework Level 9 (AQF 9) and follow Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) requirements.

Sentinel | 9 Subjects can be:

Individually mapped into an existing course framework as single subjects
Administered as an entire postgraduate Masters course

STL9-MAB offers higher education providers currently without a coursework Masters program in business an opportunity to effortlessly implement up-to-date and engaging content.

Custom Made Subjects

Sentinel | 9 is more than an education provider with ready-to-use subjects. We offer a system for online education that can be used to deliver courses in any discipline. Our approach provides the technology for education providers to adapt any material to an online learning environment.

Sentinel | 9 ’s teaching methodology allows educators to reduce the cost of producing online academic subjects and courses.

We offer a comprehensive manual that incorporates:

Academic Compilation


Online Production



Sentinel | 9 ’s custom-made subjects are developed using our proprietary system to be dynamic, interesting and innovative. Sentinel | 9 ’s design approach includes:

  • Attractive graphics

  • Lecture videos with engaging presenters

  • Animations

  • Infographics

  • Navigation that enables users to easily distinguish compulsory and additional material

  • Horizontal subject links to show related materials

  • Delivery via Coherent Course Technology (CCT) using a mobile-first solution

  • All content SCORM and TEL compliant to sit seamlessly on your LMS

Quality & Compliance

Sentinel | 9 ’s inhouse quality assurance (QA) team ensures all course content and presentation meets our standards for Error Free Criteria Assurance and the standards of your institution.

Once our QA team finalises your course, you will have an opportunity to have the final approval before the launch and go-live.

All courses are assessed by Sentinel | 9 ’s TEQSA consultant affiliates, to ensure material complies with AQF 9 requirements.