Wandering Cooks Pty Ltd

“…. Sentinel | 9 approach to their educational content material is practical …. It focuses on the real business world. Complex topics in strategy, finance and marketing are explained and clarified. It suits executives with limited time who prefer precise learning material…”

Angela Hirst (Director)

Tetraero Technologies

“…. One of the rare business approaches that integrates the formulation and implementation of the business strategy. We found the approach by Sentinel | 9 pragmatic, and not just another theoretical tool….”

Pascal Chrétien (Director)

Radar Portal Systems

“…. The esoteric world of strategic business planning becomes so elegantly simple with Sentinel | 9. It is an integrated system that closes the loop between planning, executing and monitoring….”

Dr. B. Reeves (Director)

Oxycheck Pty Ltd

“… The proprietary methodology used by Sentinel | 9 transforms your business and powers it ahead. It facilitates management by fact not fiction and that’s true value for well invested money…

Prof. T. Steinberg (Director)