Pricing Plans

Professional Associations and Corporates have access to 3 product and service plans depending on individual requirements and company or association needs.

Plan 1

Use our existing STL9 – MAB course or set of subjects

Plan 2

We can take your existing courses or set of subjects and transform them into engaging online material

Plan 3

We can work with your existing academic team or use our internal academic team to create an entirely new course or set of subjects for you


Lecture Videos and Animations
Assessments & Resources
Pages of Learning Material

Sentinel | 9 Master of Applied Business (STL9-MAB) embodies 15 subjects encompassing theory, industry know-how, practical and applied elements to create the next generation of brilliant business minds. For Professional Associations, Corporates and their members this course can be offered as:

Modularised components of the subjects

Whole single subjects

A set of subjects

A Master or Graduate Diploma

STL9-MAB Features

  • White-labelled to feature your Professional Association or Corporate branding
  • Badging certification
  • Content provided on our proprietary Coherent Course Technology (CCT)- mobile first solution
  • SCORM compliant to sit seamlessly on existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) or we can offer you an LMS included package
  • Modifiable to suit association or organisation needs
  • High quality content developed by our academic team at doctoral, postdoctoral and professorial level including learning material, additional readings, case studies, textbooks and assessment resources
  • Engaging and visually dynamic presentation of content to enhance student learning and interest with captivating presenters, graphic animation, infographics and graphic representations of material
  • Compliant with Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • Horizontal inter-subject linkages connecting related materials across the whole course
  • Proprietary Applied Assignment Environment for specific subjects and business planning requirements
  • Accompanying Unified Theory of Business Strategy (UTBS) book allowing learners to transform their understanding of this environment

Existing Course Transformation for Corporates

If your Professional Association or Organisation seeks to transform current courses or material into engaging online course, we can:

  • Transform existing course content or set of subjects into cutting-edge online education programs
  • Provide a Sentinel | 9 developed content proposal or request specific ways you want content to be transformed

Internal Instructional Designers and Online Production experts will modernise how content is presented in order to meet next generation learner requirements allowing your organisation to become market leaders in offering advanced educational courses.

This content will be presented through:

Dynamic, interesting and unique presentation, designed for the way students want to learn with:
  • Attractive graphic representations of material

  • Lecture videos with engaging presenters

  • Animations

  • Infographics

  • Linear and planar navigation to easily distinguish compulsory and additional material

  • Horizontal inter-subject linkages connecting related materials across the course

  • CCT technology- Mobile first solution

  • All content will be SCORM and TEL compliant to sit seamlessly on your LMS

Custom Made Courses for Corporates

STL9 Methodology System

Use your existing course designers or use our internal academic team to create an entirely new course or set of subjects for you, by:

Accessing STL9-Methodology System of manualised processes and procedures for creating academic curriculum and content in any discipline which consist of four key areas:

Academic Compilation


Online Production


This pioneering approach allows clients to internally develop curriculum & content creation and drastically reduce costs and resources associated with course creation. Depending on your organisations requirements we can agree on the level of involvement required by Sentinel 9, ranging from creating the entire course for you or assisting you to create the course internally.